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Hizna d.o.o.

We are you’re choice since 1991. Thank you for trusting us.
About us
  Company Hizna d.o.o. was founded on 24th of April 1991. and represents a production company for manufacturing paper tubes.

  Hizna is a family enterprise and as such, its 100% privately owned. In the last fifteen years our company has widen the range of its activeness and modernized its technological production background.

  Hizna d.o.o. today is one of the leading paper tubes suppliers on domestic market, also known in other countries, because the quantity of exported goods is biger by a year. Our products are recognizable in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, and etcetera.
The company owns gross and small sales facilities.

  Company is located near city of Čačak, Serbia, on the surface of 1.600 square meters.

  We employpeople that have been educated and prepared for work in our own facilities, so that with the given experience and knowledge responds to any requests given from the buyer or market.

  Management of the company is mostly consistent of young and educated people, who have clear vision of future development. Goal of the company is introduction to new technologies and achievements from the program of paper tubes as well in other programs of round paper containers.

  Year when the "Union Čačak 2000" was founded Hizna d.o.o becomes a member of this union of privately owned company’s and enterprise companies, and from that day is constant member.

Hizna d.o.o.
January, 2007.

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