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Hizna d.o.o.

We are you’re choice since 1991. Thank you for trusting us.
Hizna d.o.o. Hizna d.o.o. with great pleasure proudly presents new web site on which you can see entire production program of paper tubes, all dimensions and types, for different purposes ( construction, packaging for different types of merchandise ), and get a detail information about ways of acquisition and prices.

If you have already had pleasure to work with us, or you know what type of paper tubes do you need, and you are only interested in price. You can fill out an order form, and our sales department will contact you shortly.

Our goal is for cooperation with us be a pleasure for you in every moment. If you have any kind of question about our products or services use the contact form from you’re right side.

We wish you a pleasant stay on our web site.

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