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Hizna d.o.o.

We are you’re choice since 1991. Thank you for trusting us.
Hizna’s paper tube owes her irreplaceable applicability in industry to her qualities, characteristics, and price which separate our product from other paper tubes on the market.
Hizna guarantee’s 100% precise delivery of demanded dimensions. We must point out, that the manufacturing capabilities of paper tubes are not limited by any size or quantity.
We are only company in Serbia that has ability to manufacture paper tubes in diameters starting from Ø11mm to Ø500mm using spiral method of production.
Here is a few of paper tubes that are often used.

Streč folija

  • Paper tube for stretch folios
  • This type of paper tube has primary use for rolling on industrial stretch folios from 5kg to 14kg of weight.
    • can stand great repressions

Alumijiumska folija

  • Paper tube for Aluminum folio
  • This type of paper tube is commonly used for rolling on aluminum folios which is used households. Maximal capacity of the flio is 50 meters in lenght.
    • small weight;
    • easy applicability.

Flexo štampa

  • Paper tube for flexo printing
  • Necessity for rolling on all kinds of printed folios for packaging merchandise.
    • extreme endurance of pressure


  • Duck tape paper tubes
  • Used as the basis for rolling on all kinds of duck tapes.

Građevinski stub

  • Paper tube for pillar ( concrete )
  • This paper tube is mostly used in construction industry as a support for making concrete pillars.
    • fastes way for creating concrete pillars

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