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Paper tubes have multiple applicability in different all kinds of industry’s.
Paper tubes are often used in food, clothing, paper, chemical, building, graphic and electric industry.

Basically, paper tubes are used every where there is an necessity for some kind of material to be rolled on a role ( mostly they are different kinds of: paper, foil's, cloth, polyethylene etcetera ) or take use of the "hollowness" of the tube.

Production program of the company can be divided in groups:
  1. paper tubes ( or cardboard tubes );
  2. paper rings;
  3. kombi dozne;
Paper tubes ( or cardboard tubes ) are mostly used for:
  • PP foil's;
  • PE foil's;
  • Aluminum foil's;
  • rolling on paper, cloth, printed materials.
Usage of paper rings mostly is for:
  • rolling on yarns;
  • duck tapes;
  • PP tapes.
Usage of kombi dozne is most common for:
  • packaging powder like products in chemical industry;
  • packaging teas and spices;
  • round packaging.
In the production program of kombi dozni is manufacturing of round boxes for exclusive packaging of all kinds of bottles, etcetera.

Round packaging has the biggest applicability in manufacturing different kinds of special cases ( for diplomas and similar ).
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